Random Can Turns 1!

This humble blog turns a year old today!!! I never thought writing my thoughts and experiences in this blog would last this long. My previous “serious” blogging attempts only lasted months, though I believe my Xanga blog did last for a few years, but it’s gone now. 😦


I just want to do a quick blurb here for the first anniversary of Random Can, because to be honest, I don’t have concrete stuff I’d like to write about now (aside from the pending drafts I have which are still drafts as we speak.) I still need motivation!


But I have to say, through this blog, I was able to do movie and song reviews (even if they are remotely reviews), and was able to share at least a bit of my mind which I fail to do on my social media, and I take that as an achievement for myself.


I’ll take this space to thank everyone, especially the subscribers who have taken the time to read my blogs and interact here. I hope to hear more from you all in the near future. Let me know what you’d like to see here.


Again, thank you! And things will get more random in this blog, I tell you. 😉


P.S. Pardon the amateurish paint drawing of a can done by me! Will try to do better next time or probably hire someone to do graphics for me!


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