Just Some Random Songs! Halfway Through.

Extra! Extra! We’re halfway through 2017! It’s quite unreal that it’s like yesterday when we started the year and now we’re here, waiting for another six months to pass (and not realizing it as always). I don’t know but I like talking about time flying so fast lately, because it’s true in my case.


And as the title suggests, we’re not going to tackle lost time, but the songs I got to listen to not only from June, but also some of the songs from the past months that I wasn’t able to include in my earlier posts, those that eventually grew on me, or those I recently discovered.


But since I’m going to share a ton of tunes (24!!!) compared to the previous iterations of Random Songs, I’ll just do a summary: as with every list, this is mostly pop with some EDM, alternative and a dash of urban. Some songs are Asian (representation, yay!), some are from last year, some are about love and heartbreak, but all of them were a joy to listen to the past months, particularly those I got to discover just a few weeks ago.



I decided not to include Eurovision 2017 songs here as I’ve shared them on a series of posts I did last April, as well as tracks from album/s I got to listen so far as I might talk about them soon.


Here you go! I won’t take the time you can spend listening to the songs I just shared. Let me know which one you liked and I’d love to know if you have any other recommendations. Until then, enjoy listening! 😀


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