Just Some Random Songs! May 2017 Edition

Another month, another chance to listen to new songs! While we add new songs on our playlists, I’m sharing some of the songs that captured my fancy the past month, in what has been a monthly habit for me.


Off with the babbling and on with the music!




Malibu. Is Miley Cyrus of the old back? Not much, but this summery song does feel like it. The difference: it comes with an emotional punch of pure joy and bliss. Whether you like her or not, this has to give you the feels.




Crying In The Club. Camila Cabello finally releases her first official solo single after departing Fifth Harmony. This dance tune shows off her immense potential to be the next best thing in pop, which sets her off to perform possibly greater songs.




I Have Questions. And if Crying in the Club wasn’t enough, Camila also released this ballad that reeks of sadness and pain. (Yes, this was the intro in the video above.) Fans have been trying to guess who this song is for, most of them pointing out someone we’ll discuss next…




Strangers. …And it’s not Halsey who we’re talking about, but Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui who is featured in this sort-of breakup anthem for female lovers (probably a reply?). Their voices work together perfectly and this might be a sign for things to come (*cough*morecollaboration*cough*).  (Hats off to the production as well! Greg Kurstin does it again.)




Cut To The Feeling. Lastly, we can’t not include this! I actually have heard of this a few months ago, but it’s just now that Carly released this as a single. As a soundtrack for an animated movie, this playful synth-pop can bring out someone’s adventurous self.


And there you go with the songs I liked from last month! June seems to be a promising one in music so stay tuned for more of these random songs! Until then, enjoy listening! 🙂



Updated Spotify playlist! (plus April songs)


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