Just Some Random Songs! April 2017 Edition

It’s so unreal how incredibly fast time flies! It’s been a few months since I started this series of sharing some random songs on my blog, and now it’s the fourth time I’m doing this. I’m really happy with the songs I got to discover and hear this year, so here’s to more music for everybody!


But let’s focus on the ones from last month. I’m making up for the lack of songs in the previous month’s edition by including two more songs from the usual five. It has not been an easy task – just when I thought there were no newly-released songs I’d like, the latter half of April showered our playlists with new music. Let’s check them out…




Galway Girl. If you’re making a song about an Irish girl, better do it Irish style! It also has loads of fun so it’s hard not to smile while listening to this. I have to say, this is now one of my favorites from Ed Sheeran’s latest album (and probably his whole discography).




The Cure. Just when you thought Joanne was all Lady Gaga has so far, she released this EDM track which reminds me of something The Chainsmokers or some DJ would do (she probably had them in mind). There are probably more iconic songs than this from her, but the lyrics and voice are undeniably Gaga.





Hard Times. Talk about a comeback! Paramore delves deep into a more pop-ish sound (and style, as you can see in the video) like a Taylor Swift – The 1975 mash-up. Singing about hard times couldn’t get more cooler than this!




Attention. Here’s another cool track coming from Charlie Puth, and I must say the cheesiness is not evident here, as the song contains more angst than admiration. The vibe is quite like We Don’t Talk Anymore.




Lost In Your Light. There’s a reason Dua Lipa is my favorite artist at the moment – this sultry yet cool track is just another receipt to her awesomeness! Miguel couldn’t be a better choice for a duet – their voices complement each other and gives the song a more romantic feel.




Bon Appétit. Katy still has the knack for sexy songs! It’s obviously another woohoo track, but it’s too catchy and fun not to be included here. The melody isn’t that bad either.




Pusong Ligaw. This OPM song might be a new version, but it’s just as lovely as the original. It could have used less belting as it is already an emotional song, but Jona sang it with justice.


Here you go! My thoughts on these songs were quite short, but the proof is in the pudding (er, songs) so take a listen to them if you haven’t. Feel free to share your thoughts about them, and also share some of your favorite songs from last month! I’d love to hear new songs, too.


Until then,  enjoy listening! 😀








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