Reviewing Eurovision 2017 Entries – Pot 6


Two weeks left and we get to see Eurovision 2017 entries performed live in Ukraine! While we’re waiting for that week to arrive, I can say that I have almost arrived at the conclusion of the series of our entries reviews. To refresh your memory, you can read the first five installments with the links in my announcement post.


We’re off to the last pot – Pot 6 – which includes three countries surrounding the Baltic Sea; Ireland, which has a huge diaspora of these Baltic countries, and the Low Countries (Belgium and the Netherlands.)


Let’s start things off now.



Blanche – City Lights



Belgium continues to make its presence felt in the contest, this time with Blanche’s mysterious and dark number. The song leans on indie with synth-laced production, combined with Blanche’s deep voice and lyrics so dangerous you can’t help but sing along. However, this is more of a radio song than a performance song,  so she has to bring her A-game onstage. On another note: the music video is quite reminiscent of Stranger Things, iykwim.




Brendan Murray – Dying To Try



Ireland goes back to ballads after their 2015 entry (which was one of my favorites that year!) The song is a typical ballad that boy bands would probably sing (not that it’s bad). However,  Brendan – who is actually from a boy band – has a unique high-pitched voice. I just feel like that the song and vocals were a bit mismatched, but there’s no harm in trying to like the song by listening to it more and more.




Triana Park – Line



Another supernova has occurred in Latvia that has brought Triana Park into the Eurovision galaxy. Line is one of those alternative songs you can’t stop listening to with its (guess what!) edgy pop sound and (guess what again!) catchy lyrics. Agnese’s live vocals would probably need some more work,  but why bother with that when they can possibly overwhelm us with a trippy yet awesome staging?




Fusedmarc – Rain of Revolution



While neighbor Latvia went trippy, Lithuania chose to go straightforward. This song would probably resonate more to a particular group, but I’m not included there, unfortunately. What I can say though is that it’s well-performed and has some lyrics to easily sing along to, which could make their song still accessible to more Eurofans and casual viewers in the semi.



(The) Netherlands

O’G3NE – Lights and Shadows



The Dutch sisters from Junior Eurovision 2007 finally get to compete in the adult edition! We can’t deny their amazing vocal ability and harmony, so it’s the song that can make or break their chances. Fortunately, their song is very palatable with inspirational lyrics coming from their angelic voices. The production however (plus the music video) made it sound like it was part of the soundtrack for Gilmore Girls or some face powder ad jingle. As with most entries this year, staging is key for the sisters’ success.




Kasia Moś – Flashlight



A sensual yet haunting number that puts a spotlight on animal cruelty is what Kasia is performing in Kyiv. She sounds good, though the song itself doesn’t do much for me. For it to do well, she needs more than amazing vocals (and her undeniable, uhm, appeal) to stand out. Staging (again) can make the spotlight focus on her and get more votes in the semi.


And that’s it for Pot 6 songs review. As always, I’d like to hear your thoughts about these songs. Also, who do you want to win this year? If you haven’t decided on your winner, you still have time (slight pun intended). Also, I need more time to compose my thoughts on the automatic qualifiers for the last post of the entries reviews! Keep posted for that. Until then, enjoy listening! 😀


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