Reviewing Eurovision 2017 Entries – Pot 5

We have made it to the fifth installment of the Eurovision 2017 entries review! If you haven’t read the past reviews, I have one, two, three, four reasons for you to do it. Not forcing you, just suggesting.  😉


One more reason: we have reviews of the songs from Pot 5. Considered the “others”, these countries would have been allocated with the other countries some other year. Included here is Australia which has been competing since 2015.


With that said, we can start reviewing now!


Isaiah – Don’t Come Easy



For its third participation, Australia went fishing on the trusted X Factor AU waters and got its latest winner Isaiah. He sings well, no doubt, and has a distinct tone, but the lyrics (and even bits of the melody) are like a baby of Money On My Mind and Stay With Me. I don’t mind the Sam Smith comparison personally, and the song is currently one of my favorite ballads this year, but I doubt it would surpass the first two entries’ successes.


Nathan Trent – Running On Air

Austria is getting more feel-good as the years go by, and this cheery and inspired song is their newest offering. Nathan’s vocals and personality is perfect for the song, but he has been overly enthusiastic in his live performances that the song can be a bit grating.  He’ll have to tone down a bit and the song can easily charm more hearts, as its chances are currently wobbly.



Czech Republic

Martina Bárta – My Turn


Fresh from their first qualification, Czechia is sending another ballad, this time a jazz-influenced one sung by a jazz singer (of course). A part of the chorus sounds like it was pulled out of Beyoncé’s songbook, but its genuineness as reflected by the lyrics and Martina’s vocals stands out. But being in a semi full of ballads, its turn to get to the final is still unknown until the last qualifier.



Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly 



And we have yet again another ballad! I’m not sure what to write about this – Claudia’s a good vocalist, the lyrics aren’t too cheesy for my taste, and the melody is just alright. Probably it’s just right there with the other songs, which is a problem in a contest. I’m not sure about its chances, but we’ll have to hold our breaths for that (but not for too long!)




Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois



Portugal might be the ultimate underdog in ESC, but they’re taking front-runner status with this calm and dreamy ballad taken out of the La La Land universe. Dated it might seem for some people, but it’s well-executed as a performance that its timelessness can’t be denied. It’s also the only non-English in its semifinal so hopefully, it can gravitate people to vote for it somehow.

San Marino

Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson – Spirit of the Night



This is not a drill: THE Valentina Monetta is back, and on her record-tying fourth participation is tagging along the American Jimmie with her. The song is just like a typical 90s disco fare, something expected from the micro-state which has been sending songs that sounded like they were released ages ago. Redeeming factor of this song has to be the on-point vocals and chemistry between the two. Also, they’re enjoying every performance, so who are we to spoil the fun?

Five down and two more to go! These songs might be from the “others” pot,  but their chances aren’t slim, so we’ll have to wait for the big day if we are right to root for them. Share your thoughts about these songs, they are very much welcomed here. We still have more songs to scrutinize, and until then yet again, enjoy listening! 😀


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