Reviewing Eurovision 2017 Entries – Pot 3

Welcome to the third installment of the Eurovision 2017 entries review. If you haven’t read the first two installments, you can check Pot 1 and Pot 2. And on with the next set of reviews…

Pot 3 is where the majority of the former Soviet states were drawn, including Mother Russia. Israel, while not a former Soviet republic, apparently has a huge Russian diaspora, hence its inclusion in the pot. (As of this writing, Russia has withdrawn from the 2017 contest, but I will still be writing my brief thoughts about the song anyway.)

Let’s begin!


ArtsvikFly With Me



We are treated with another unconventional entry from Armenia. Let us enumerate their formula for the win: folk-influenced tune, some catchy lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, potentially appealing staging – what could go wrong? Although it may not be as instant as their previous entries were, it has the potential to soar higher than expected.


Dihaj – Skeletons



The Land of Fire continues to amaze me with their entries as they go for mystery thriller vibe this time. It has an ear-grabbing production (especially the intro) and her vocals suit the song. If everything clicks at the right time (a.k.a. the live shows), this should be bound for an easy qualification.




Naviband – Story Of My Life


This song is in Belarusian, and yes, this is NOT the 1D song.  Probably the jolliest entry this year, the energy it possesses seems so infectious that you just want to wander around skipping or whatever – never mind that it can be repetitive or shrill. It’s a wildcard when it comes to its qualification chances, but I’m siding with Team Qualify on this one!



Tamara Gachechiladze – Keep The Faith



Another typical female ballad about, well, keeping your faith in whatever you’re going through. It is well-sung by an exceptional vocalist, but with its production and lyrics, it’s just there. When it was first released, the song didn’t cut it for me especially with how it was staged in the national final, but it grows a little on me with the slight revamp. She’ll need more than faith to conquer the viewers, and she has time to do that fortunately.




Imri – I Feel Alive



Imri, who was backing vocals for the last two entries, must have been a lucky charm as both entries qualified. Now that it’s his turn to headline, he’s trying to delight fans with a sunny dance track that is catchy but would have used some more of those beats. He also has to keep working on those vocals if we’ll base on the pre-parties, as well as the staging so that they’ll be able to maximize the semi-final pimp spot given to them.



Russia (until 13 April)

Julia Samoylova – Flame Is Burning



Let’s skip the drama that led to what happened. An inspirational song from someone who is inspiration personified, this song is just a ballad passing by, despite the potentially good vocals and staging Russia and their entrants normally provide. Had it participated, it might qualify but won’t be Top 10. Next year, we’ll see if the Eurovision flame of Russia will still burn.


Here you go with Pot 3 entries! Let’s remember:



Also, let me know your favorite Pot 3 entry/ies and what countries you’re anticipating on the big stage so far. There are still more reviews to come, so until then, enjoy listening! 😀


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