Reviewing Eurovision 2017 Entries – Pot 2

Here we go again! This is just the second installment of the Eurovision 2017 song reviews. I never thought it’s going to be this nerve-wrecking, but for the love of the songs,  we’ll push this until we cover everything. So keep holding on! Also,  I should’ve uploaded this earlier,  but a guy needs some sleep,  so there. 


As I’ve said in the previous installment, I have divided the participating countries into pots. Pot 2, our focus for this post, is considered one of the strongest pots as it contains the Nordic countries – not only some of the biggest music exporters nowadays, they’ve won in five of the previous 10 contests. Also in this group alongside the traditional Nordics is the adopted Nordic Estonia with its strong ties with Finland.


Well,  what are we waiting for? Let’s start reviewing!


Anja – Where I Am



After sending male groups with no success, the Danes are going for a lady with a stunning voice – The Voice of Australia even! The studio sounded a bit flat because it tempered the spark she can ignite in her live performances, where she turns the seemingly simple song of love into a competitive one. This was a grower for me, and it is now one of my favorites. The staging will be crucial for it to attract Europe more, and I’m hoping it will be in the qualifiers’ list! P.S. She was close to doing this last year!



Koit Toome and Laura – Verona



The country that gave birth to this blog’s URL is giving us Shakespearean realness this year – a duet about losing romance and getting lost as well (?). This is another of my cheesy guilty pleasures, with some questionable lyrics here and there, but the chemistry is there and their vocals blend well (though both also need some work). This needs to have an impactful staging, just like how Shakespeare’s works impacted the literary world. And both singers were lost in the Eurovision world again! See Koit’s and Laura’s previous journeys, with Laura coincidentally coming back to Kyiv.



Norma John – Blackbird



Probably the most depressing song this year, from a duo whose names aren’t Norma and John (I forgot where they talked about getting the name – feel free to link me there!). Simple lyrics, simple melody, with a haunting voice (and the piano bridge) to back it up. This may not sit well with a few people with its simplicity and melancholy, but some including myself seem affected by it. An early favorite, this is looming to be a potential blackbird, er, dark horse in the competition.



Svala – Paper



Considered one of the more experienced performers this year, Svala is coming to Kyiv with a song about feeling like paper – being vulnerable, that is. It’s like a Emotion-era Carly Rae Jepsen song sung by Debbie Gibson but with a punch of gritty power. It is a good entry overall, but good isn’t enough for a competition as implicitly cutthroat as Eurovision. One aspect they can improve on is the staging, as the one in the national final is somewhat disjointed for me, and nailing that perfect staging would work wonders for Iceland in May.



JOWST – Grab The Moment


The only legit EDM song this year comes from JOWST, with Aleksander Walmann doing feature vocals.  This would probably come off as a summer festival filler given the flood of similar tracks lately, but with its easy-to-remember yet clever lyrics about taking chances, and Aleksander’s credible vocals will make a lot notice this. Like the previous songs reviewed, staging will be crucial to its success. And we’ll also see if they retain the “extra vocals” in the drop. 



Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On



All eyes are on the six-time winner having a string of good results as of late, and this banger will undoubtedly be part of that good streak. Dashing look, dashing lyrics, dashing choreography – dashing over-all. It may not seem like a winner right away as it sounds just like anything on the radio, but this is definitely a contender with Robin’s vocals and potentially good staging. It’s Sweden after all! P.S. He tried to be the home representative last year! 


Here you go with the second installment! These songs may sound similar to your usual fare, but each have their unique characteristics that stand out. Let me know your favorite from this bunch, and stay tuned for the next batches! Till then, enjoy listening! 😀


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