Reviewing Eurovision 2017 Entries!!!

There I said it! (Also just to make sure this pushes through.)


I remember in one Random Songs list, I wrote that there were “distractions” to my listening – and this is the distraction, not that they are but, well. The beginning of the year is always the time for new songs from participating countries, may be it the official entries or the national entries which didn’t make it through.


If Eurovision doesn’t seem familiar to you, check out for information here and here. TL;DR – a contest where European countries (and Australia – yes) get to compete with songs.


Because there are 43 songs to review (as of 19 April, Russia has withdrawn but still has a review), I will be posting in batches; how to determine which gets to be reviewed in those batches is still for me to decide. The first review will be up later this week, and the last song review has to be uploaded before the rehearsal week. I will probably make more related posts about this year’s contest just for fun. Suggestions are very much welcome!


[As of 30 April] Here are the links for the reviews!

Pot 1: Ex-Yugo, Albania and Switzerland (posted 16 April)

Pot 2: Nordics and Estonia (posted 18 April)

Pot 3: Ex-USSR and Israel (posted 20 April) 

Pot 4: South East Europe (posted 22 April)

Pot 5: The Rest of Europe + Australia (posted 24 April)

Pot 6: Baltics, Low Countries and Ireland (posted 26 April)

Automatic Qualifiers: Ukraine + Big 5 (posted 30 April)


Let’s start listening now! 😀



Just to make things easier, here’s the official Spotify playlist of the entries:


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