Just Some Michelle Branch Songs

This post has been in the back burner for quite some time, and I’m embarrassed that I haven’t finished this! Well, here’s a Memory Monday treat for you – a set of Michelle Branch songs!

I suppose most of my generation *cough*early00s*cough* have sung along to at least one of her songs, mostly of the easy-listening kind. She has been quiet for some time, and just recently put out some new material. Here is that memory lane for us to enjoy!



Pop rock was quite a trend back in the early 2000s, and this song is a proof of that. This explodes with youthfulness and a tad bit of…obsession? Well, who couldn’t be obsessed with this anyway?


Goodbye To You

This was one of the songs that genuinely made me sad as a youngster, because it literally says ‘goodbye to you’. How sad! 😦 But obviously there’s more than just saying goodbye, like in a typical goodbye. #whut #hugot


The Game Of Love

Her first (?) of her collaborations with THE Santana, this song shows that she really can sing catchy and fun tunes aided by Santana’s legendary guitar skills. For an additional fix, you also have here I’m Feeling You.



Ahh, I can say that this is my all time-favorite song from her, production-wise and lyrics-wise. I remember having a recording of this song on my uncle’s phone just so I can listen to it over and over. Those were the days!


Hopeless Romantic

Between Hotel Paper and this, she released a handful of songs, but haven’t really stuck on me. Enter her newest release, which is darker and more chill than her usual fare, but still has her signature breath, rasp and power (what?!). She also released another single Best You Ever.



There you go with a quick fix of Michelle Branch. Comment below your favorite song of hers, and also let me know which artist/s you miss hearing. Keep calm and enjoy listening to music! 🙂


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