Just Some Random Songs! March 2017 edition

Here we go! No April Foolery here, but our monthly recap is a little short (sorry guys!) Either because there weren’t a lot of songs that easily caught my fancy the past month (there were a few I contemplated on adding here but I think not enough to be warranted inclusion here), or because of some “distractions” music-wise – I will be writing about them later. So for now, here is my short but sweet March favorites list.



Green Light. What better way for Lorde to kick-start her comeback than to do something 180 than her previous singles, mature and a bit uplifting yet has that unique quality that’s recognizably her. (The teeth are still there!) If this is not your cup of tea, also check out her other single Liability.



Down. A certified sleeper hit in the US, this song got traction because of this ad. This has a sound that keeps me intrigued, and feeling chill and dark at the same time.



Symphony. Clean Bandit is on a roll these days with their hits. This has to be my favorite despite being a typical sound of theirs, because Zara Larsson. (#biased) It’s good but really hard to put together my thoughts on this like a real symphony!


Here you go! If you think there were recent releases I should check out, let me know as well! There will DEFINITELY be more music posts, and the “distractions” I mentioned earlier will be revealed later this month (some of you may know it though). Enjoy your April, keep calm and enjoy listening!



Updated Spotify playlist!


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