Distracted Diaries #1

Happy Pi Day! What happens when your soul needs an outlet for expression but your brain won’t cooperate? This!

I decided that to keep myself from writing stagnation, I would do quick updates about what’s up with me and around me as often as I could. I don’t post a lot on social media, and the blog at times exhausts all that jazz I can actually do there.

For now,  I am a bit concerned on what other activities would keep me interested. I tried dabbling into adult coloring, downloading various mobile games, and just recently bought a book. However, (1) it’s the collegiate volleyball season so I’m normally stuck at home during the weekends watching games, (2) the Eurovision season is alive and kicking so I have to keep up with the latest (and to spazz over my faves – will write about that a lot soon!)  and (3) just the usual internet stuff – social media, YouTube, so on and so forth. So I’m now having mental chaos having too much on my plate.

I already have things to distract myself as I’ve mentioned, but it seems they’re not enough for me. Thinking too much about what I can do and the chaos that ensues would sometimes take a toll on the things I normally do. Maybe I need to pay my attention on something different, or to relax and focus on just one thing. Or an inspiration maybe? 

I am already confused at what I have written already so I’ll wrap things up now, and I probably have made my mind up (or not) the next time I write a Distracted Diary. Till next time! 

P. S. Hoping I can move forward with the pending entries though!  *sweats*

*turns brain into mushroom soup yet again*


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