Just Some Random Songs! February 2017 edition

Aaah! It’s really hard to get out of a writing slump, especially if there are a lot of stuff to share and write. Anyways, last month, I started this series of sharing random songs I like. Let’s go straight away to some random songs I liked the previous month.


Hopeless Romantic. Michelle Branch is back yet again! This new release may have a darker sound than her previous one, but I’m not complaining – she still gives you all the feels. (Also, watch out for a full-blown Michelle Branch list next time!)


Chained To The Rhythm. Katy’s recent songs seem to be more of a grower than an instant hit, this included. At least it’s a grower, especially if we take at least a glance on the lyrics (and the video!) This is probably one of the more clever lyrics from her.


It Ain’t Me. The thought that came to me is how Selena can sing the lyrics during the drop live (hahaha!), but that is actually my favorite part of this collaboration that sounds quite familiar but still enjoyable to listen to.


Heavy. I’d like to know your thoughts on this – this is definitely a departure from Linkin Park’s usual sound (plus a first-time collaboration with Kiiara) which may seem awkward to those who grew up to their heavy music, but I like this as it is especially with its theme.


Circles. For our monthly dose of OPM, here’s Kiana Valenciano’s ode to those who love and getting hurt over and over. This is such a complete package of good vocals, lyrics, and production. This was released last year, so I also encourage you to check out her newest single Does She Know.


Here you go with an update of what I listened to this month! A lot of songs were released lately, and I might include some of them in next month’s list. Also, there might be a wave of songs I’ll share later on. Stay tuned and enjoy the music!



Here’s an updated Spotify playlist of the random songs so far:



3 thoughts on “Just Some Random Songs! February 2017 edition

  1. Glad to hear you’re also a fan of Heavy. I know it’s different but I don’t mind it. Are you looking forward to the album?


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