Just Some Random Songs! January 2017 edition.


What’s one great thing about having a new year? We get to hear new songs! (Well, aside from other things you’ve been waiting for.) I thought of sharing my favorite new songs for each month to you early, so I can go back and review them easily by the end of the year when I make my 12 Songs of Christmas. The songs on this month’s list are mostly pop, but who knows next time?

Also, I’m compiling them on a Spotify playlist and will be adding new songs once I stumble upon a few, unless some artist decides not to upload them there. *wink*

Castle On The Hill. Before Beyoncé revealed she’s having twin buns in the oven, Ed Sheeran already shared his own set of twins – two singles, that is. While most people loved the cool and sexy Shape Of You (which I like too), I was looping this anthem of friendship and growing up, and it just resonates with me. I miss y’all friends!

Sorry Naman. I am hoping to hear more OPM this year, and this fresh (FB at IG!) yet familiar Rico Blanco tune is kicking things off. Warning: you may want to confess your feelings to that special someone after hearing this!

Touch. Regardless of how sexy these girls are in this video (also, what Perrie is wearing), just a loop of this is enough to knock me off my feet all week!

Shed A Light. This is the only song on this list that grew on me (because the others were instant favorites). But it’s worth it – the lyrics and beat can make you fall in love.

Scared To Be Lonely. I don’t know how I can love Dua Lipa more. And then, this Martin Garrix collab came. Its less LSS-worthy lyrics compared to In The Name Of Love is compensated by the drop and the song’s meaning. But it can be your LSS if you really want to!

Note: I was supposed to include another song here, but that was just released less than a week ago, and that deserves another blog post. (Those who know me may probably know!)

So there, a quick update of what I have been looping on Spotify and Youtube lately. Most of these songs have good vibes, and that’s what we should get every January. Hope you enjoy these songs, and don’t hesitate to share your favorite songs, too! Happy listening 2017!


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