What Could Have Been A “Review” of La La Land

Contains mild spoilers




A lot has been said about La La Land (a.k.a. the recent musical about the blossoming and demise of the relationship of two “fools”, one that seemed to get in the way of their dreams), especially how good it is in every aspect. I have to agree.

I’m already late to the Emma Stone appreciation party, but I must say my admiration for her acting is similar to how I appreciated Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. Ryan Gosling’s isn’t too shabby either. Having seen Crazy Stupid Love a few months ago, I can say that their chemistry is for the books, and will be hard to top off in the future.

The visuals are mostly refreshing – locations, colors, everything. My favorite scene visually has to be the first scene on the interchange. On paper, the story seemed to be a familiar one, only lifted by the aforementioned details and more to greater heights.

The last scenes in the movie, though.

It took a while for me to digest what just happened. Like the comments I’ve read somewhere on the inter-webs, that particular sequence is everything we’ve always wanted in a movie, that ideal set-up we always wanted to happen to us. But the first thought that came to me after watching the movie was a question that is so uncomfortable that listening to the OST on Spotify (which is amazeballs by the way, check below) turns my stomach.

It’s hard not to feel bad for Mia and Sebastian after what happened in the movie. Deciding looked easy for them, as they were quite sure on what they want for themselves and each other. What happens after is something they have to face moving forward, however peaceful of painful that might be for them. But we know resolving the kind of dilemma they faced is not as “easy” as it seems.

What I got from the movie doesn’t necessarily apply to just choosing between love or dreams. Overthinking about my life choices has brought me to parallel universes where either something good or bad – mostly good – happens. And once we find out that the one option we passed over might have brought something beautiful, we tend to lose our focus on the beauty that we already have on our hands.

We keep chasing butterflies on an imaginary prairie, but we never stop to see the breathtaking expanse of it, breathe the fresh air that blows. The unsettling feeling will never end unless we find in ourselves the contentment we thought we never needed, and that’s where we get to find the bliss we deserve.

La La Land as a movie is not in-your-face brilliant, but its ability to touch people in extraordinary ways is. “What if” – two simple words that can evoke strong emotions, a password leading us to our own La La Land, and one that makes us realize that the journey is much important than the end game and contentment is where our happiness fully thrives.

Rating: 9 mushroom cans/10 bowls






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