Dream Big Dreams! A “Review” of Sing!

If you’re a koala owner of a struggling theater, do you think it’s a good idea to hold a singing competition where the winner gets a “big” prize? Mr. Moon thinks it is!



Sing may appear to be an American Idol-meets-Zootopia kind of movie,  but it has its own charm, part of it comes from the ensemble of talented animals who not only get to (re)kindle their passion for singing,  but also discover themselves and the love of the people around them.


Movies with an ensemble cast tend to flop story-wise,  but Sing surprisingly got to hold them together and make them stand out individually at the same time, which makes audiences easily figure out their dreams, struggles and successes.


Something I’ve noticed: save for Mike’s arrogance and Gunter’s, there appears to be a lack of competitive spirit among the chosen animals, but the movie tries to show that competitors need not to be b*tchy with each other and can be encouraging.


Parts of the story seemed rushed but doesn’t hurt the flow, which lets anyone enjoy the movie with ease. Humor is quite tamed but is always present, but it helped make the story progress properly (the carwash scene did crack me up.) Good animation and voice acting also helped make the movie more enjoyable (them squid lights!) All of these add to its simple charm.


The music selection – despite being amazing – is not largely original since real singing competitions don’t require original tracks anyways (Ash did have one though), but their renditions are fantastic nonetheless. My favorites have to be Johnny’s I’m Still Standing and Meena’s quick Hallelujah (YAAAS TORI!) More of those bunnies, though!



However, the teaser almost showed all that are to be expected in Sing (save for one), so hopefully Illumination gets to hold back on what to show in trailers. Overall, this may not be as pitch-perfect as one dreams it to be, but Sing is a movie definitely bursting with music and fun for everyone. Go see it if you still can!


Rating: 8 mushroom cans/10 bowls

Thanks again to PinoyExchange.com c/o Al for the special screening passes.



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