A lot of people are already done with their year-end lists, recap or whatever, and now I will try my best to look back at an interesting year that was 2016. Enough dilly-dallying – these were just some of the nice things that happened to me in 2016.

Learning more board games! It was fun to learn more board games in 2016, from the simple yet fun to the 3-hour-madness ones. I still need to win more games though!


Between Two Cities. Team Paris forever!

Food reviews! Thanks to the awesome Janelle (jhanzey.net) for letting me become an extra tummy in two of her food reviews (here and here), and I’m hoping for more! (Pwede ba? Hehehe.)

Promotion! I was considered to have a change of pace at work and was given different tasks I’ve never done before, and learned a whole lot from it.

A new phone! Despite being relatively cheap, Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Lite functions well and processes quite fast (so far – it has been 9 months already). Battery dries up quickly though, and has a lot of battle scratches already, thanks to my carelessness.

My first beach in more than 10 years! #HugotSaBurot was definitely one to remember; also my first overnight inside a tent and island hopping. And one embarrassing moment on the way home!


This is such a wonderful sight.

Peach tea obsession! I discovered this year my love for peaches and peach tea, making me a regular at tea places now. Also, thank heavens for Nestea Peach Lemon! Let me know if you know any good peach tea or peach-flavored stuff.

TV series! Game Of Thrones (finished all six seasons within a month), Stranger Things, Black Mirror… Can the list go on and on for 2017? Also, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! (will never get tired)

Online shopping! Lazada was an uncharted territory for me this year until I needed a power bank. I leveled up recently by purchasing a stand mixer on discount. Little sister is busy now thinking of what to bake! (Note: I only asked my coworker to order for me!)

Movie time! My first foreign films festival (French Film Fest – watched Un + Une) and first advanced screening (for Moana – my review here) happened this year. I also caught up with a bunch of movies off-theater. I will definitely watch more in 2017!


My first 3-D movie!

More time with friends! I was able to achieve this in 2015, and in 2016, it was kinda uncontrollable. I’m hoping that 2017 will top what happened the past year, and also may this be the year of catching up with others whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. You know who you are!

Blogging again! Reasons here. I still need to polish my writing and story-telling skills as expressing myself in all forms is still a struggle, and this year, I will do my best to work on that. May 2017 also be the breakout year for this blog as well!

I may have forgotten other good things that happened this year, but for sure they were life-changing in every way like the ones listed above (hence me being ‘shook’ in 2016). During the past year, I was also able to appreciate simple things and to be more open to possibilities. For this coming year, may I be able to work on a few resolutions, such as eating less (ugh), replying to messages more (sorry guys), and to take more risks.

May 2017 be bountiful and awesome for everyone! And to this blog, may you get more views! *wink wink*


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