12 Songs of Christmas 2016


Happy Holidays everyone!

‘Tis the season for year-end music countdowns. I’ve done one before on my Friendster blog years ago, and I want to do it again this year. However, I will be doing it differently this year by listing 12 of my favorite songs, one from each month. I’m basing the month assignment from when I added the song on Spotify, so some songs might have been added late, either by late familiarity or appreciation. And because it was so hard choosing one song per month, I added alternates so you can have an idea which songs were almost chosen to represent the month. Also noteworthy is that (technically) no two songs from one artist were chosen.

Ready your eardrums for my pop-heavy list. Here they are!


 January: Over And Over Again

I was not really a fan of his voice, but Nathan Sykes made me change my mind with this sweet and passionate track. I like it as a solo (which was released last year), but also check out the duet version with Ariana Grande (which was released in January).

Alternate: Birdy’s Keeping Your Head Up


February: The Sound

I was not able to add a lot of new songs on Spotify during this time, so I ended up listening again and again to January hits, until this song. The 1975 got me hooked with this and made me wanting for more (clue: Somebody Else).

Alternate: The Knocks’ Love Me Like That, featuring THE Carly Rae Jepsen


March: We Don’t Talk Anymore

This is where I started having a hard time choosing the song/s as I loved a plenty during this time. However, I can’t help but choose the chill bittersweet duet from Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez. The song sounds really good that they might have done it for real.

Alternate: Fifth(?) Harmony’s Work From Home


April: Loin d’ici

As someone who heavily followed Eurovision this year, it’s obligatory that I put here the first 2016 entry I truly enjoyed, no matter how saccharine this sounds. Zoë convincingly sold the sweetness anyway.

Alternate: Francesca Michielin’s No Degree Of Separation (which I’ve featured here a few months ago)


May: Into You

Ariana Grande has probably found her sound, and Into You is a solid representation of that. This and Love Me Harder are my all-time favorite tracks from her.

Alternate: Justin Timberlake’s CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!


June: Young Love

Into You ruled my ear canals during this time, but The Tide’s youthful track  (which was released way earlier) challenged that. And that millennial whoop, one of my favorites this year.

Alternate: twenty one pilots’ Ride (another late appreciation)


July: Starving

Ugh, the hardest decision I’ve made so far! I had so many songs to choose from, but I ended up with the one which I haven’t gotten tired of listening. Thanks, Hailee Steinfeld and Grey featuring Zedd!  (insert crying-laughing emoji here)

Alternate:  Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners – This Girl


August: Hotter Than Hell

Thanks to this song, I discovered the dark pop lair of the goddess that is Dua Lipa. I truly love this song and more. Hope she continues to blow our minds with her music. Mwah!

Alternate: DJ Snake’s Let Me Love You, featuring Justin Bieber


September: Ain’t My Fault

Ain’t my fault that September was a music bloodbath and a few gems were left out while choosing which song will banner this month. But like what happened to me with the infectious Lush Life, I couldn’t resist listening to this sexy and unapologetic track from Zara Larsson, so I ultimately chose this.

Alternate: The Great Divide (Crash Cove Remix) by Rebecca Black (YES, from the infamous Friday! Go check her out now.)


October: This Town

One Direction is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. But while I liked PILLOWTALK and Zayn (IMO) is the best singer from 1D, Niall’s solo effort has made and is still making me feel things. Everything comes back to you…

Alternate: Kings Of Leon’s Waste A Moment


November: All Night

The Vamps teamed up with Matoma to produce another of my guilty pleasure tracks. My Starbucks Lovers moment: “Cause I feel like a movie streaming” is apparently “Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming”. Also, it’s still ruling the local radio charts!

Alternate: Martija Stanojkovic’s Love Will Lead The Way  from Junior Eurovision 2016


December: By Your Side

I was originally turned off by this song because of its very familiar intro tune (*cough*askyfullofstars*cough*), but also because of that, I got hooked with it. Jonas Blue has added a unique charm to this, so different from the ear worm Perfect Strangers.

Alternate: Bebe Rexha’s I Got You


So that’s it for my 2016 music recap. Hope you liked the songs, and if you discovered something new here or if you have any recommendations, let me know!  Hope to make more music-themed posts to share to you, and to make you share your favorite tunes to everyone.

2017, make sure to bust out more tunes we’ll like!



Additional links for easier sound trip:

Spotify playlists


YouTube playlist


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