Caught Up

Yes, after months (!!!) of hiatus, I finally mustered my guts to write something again – even if it took a week to do so. “Writer’s block” as they say!

Not much has happened in the past months, given how boring I think my life is, save for a few things listed here.

  • I decided to go back to watching TV shows full-time. So far,  I’ve finished Game Of Thrones (thankfully I’m not yet too late to the party and to catch the hype), Stranger Things (adorable!), and Haters Back Off (my inner Mirfanda begs me to do so). I’m currently catching up on How To Get Away With Murder,  and is planning to deal with Westworld and Black Mirror next (a lot of friends are hyping these and premises are appealing). The only series still on my watchlist from last time is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and I BEG YOU TO WATCH IT because it’s funny (and awesome if you’re a music fan,  too).  Sorry, someone is already invested big-time but can’t pitch it any better. Hahaha! On a similar note, I also decided to watch more movies, mostly animated, rom-com and thrillers. Let me know any movies and TV shows I should check out next.
  • I’ve been playing more board games lately. Current picks include Ticket To Ride: Rails and Sails because of the complexity of completing routes, the satisfyingly fun Sushi Go Party, the Egyptian-themed Imhotep, and the Survivor-like Dead Last. Check these games and more!
  • Some new experiences include my first Book Fair (though I only bought memo pads there) and the first retraining I organized at work. I also got a new sling bag since I had to bid goodbye to my old bag from college.
  • The idea for the title actually came to me last weekend,  when I had a busy week catching up with a lot of friends. Endless food trip (from my second isaw experience  to my first takoyaki), endless stories, and endless laughter filled the tiring yet fun weekend, something worth remembering.

My Dead Last character – fancy name for yellow-green!

So here you go, an almost endless babble from yours truly.  I definitely would love to share more next time, such as new experiences and random thoughts. I’d also love to hear more from readers to know what they want to read as well. Keep y’all posted!

*turns brain into a bowl of pork sinigang*


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