It’s July 31

Aaand I’m officially stuck.

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I was supposed to make a new post last week but is obviously unfinished as of today. The urge to complete that post is almost the same as the urge to do something I don’t need to do. But I want to write.

I have to admit, I got distracted with a lot of stuff lately. One is some game run on a smartphone emulator (take a guess?). Also, I went for a walk two Saturdays ago which burned my energy to think a lot, and made me watch a bunch of movies. This weekend, I just stayed home most of the time, but I focused on eating a lot, making new Spotify playlists, and browsing some food pics and videos. Petty they may be, but these satisfied the heck out of me these past few days. So writing took a back seat.

This kind of attitude is not healthy if I’m bent on writing as often as I could, but I need more motivation. Hopefully next month, I can write more.

*turns brain into a bowl of nilagang baboy once more*


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