My 2016 Music Surprises

For starters, I’m a sucker for generic pop and alternative rock, but in later years I became interested in indie tunes and newer trends such as EDM. I have to admit that I’m not very adventurous in terms of discovering music, and only check out new songs whenever I stumble upon them on the radio or other media forms, say background music on TV shows or YouTube videos. I still do baby steps, such as listening to full albums or checking out music charts for potential hits.

This year, I stumbled upon these artists and surprised myself with the music waiting for my ears.

The Bird and the Bee

Genre: Indie pop, synthpop, dream pop

How I discovered them: As an outro to videos on Colleen Vlogs

Who they are: An American indie duo composed of “the bird” Inara George and “the bee” Greg Kurstin. They have been making music together as a duo since 2006. Released 4 albums and numerous EPs.

Why I like them: Chill and cool, both the music and George’s voice. Music videos are also over-the-top awesome (Recreational Love below is so karaoke MTV-meets-The Ring). I’m not really surprised I liked their songs: Kurstin also has produced or written some of today’s biggest smashes (Sia’s Chandelier, Adele’s Hello) as well as some of my favorite songs like Lily Allen’s The Fear.

Why check them out: Some potential hugot songs, and tunes LSS-worthy and perfect for road trips.

Francesca Michielin

Genre: Pop

How I discovered her: Through Eurovision

Who she is: Winner of the fifth season of the Italian version of X Factor. This year, she came second in Sanremo Music Festival and represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest, placing 16th. (I may write about Eurovision anytime soon.)

Why I like her: She may look very young and fragile, but she already oozes with heart and soul when performing (a bit angsty, I must say). She also writes her own songs and plays instruments (check out her performances with the piano). She has interesting music videos as well  – check out her latest video for Un cuore in due.

Why check her out: Italian songs are pleasant to the ears, and her music is definitely not an exception. Potentially can create more hits in the future.

I have to say that I’m still digging deep into their discographies, but the more I discover their music, the more I appreciate their artistry and I hope to hear more from them in the coming years.

Here are some more samplers:

I may write more about music so stay tuned. *wink wink*

*turns brain into a bowl of instant beef noodles*


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