Since I started using a smartphone, the only time I frequently changed earphones was after the original earphones of my first phone (Sony Xperia U) bid goodbye to its functionality. I would buy Class A earphones because of the okay-ish sound quality and nice design, not to mention the price as I would only spend around ₱200-₱250 every purchase. In times of desperation (er, when I felt lost without music during commute), I would also buy cheaper ones as low as ₱40. But as a friend just told me a while ago, you get what you pay for – they ceased working after a few months of continuous usage, some even failed to work within a month. (Well, a few of them broke down because of my carelessness, but still.)  As I got disappointed with the wastage of money, I realized that I should already invest on quality earphones.

Last year, I decided to look for original Sony earphones (I was still using my Xperia at that time) and I passed by a Sony shop in Gateway Mall where I found earphones that are relatively affordable but seems to be of quality.


from Sony

The E9LP In-ear Headphones definitely look like your ordinary earphones, but are very satisfying to use. The promised crystal clear sound on the packaging is definitely true, as high power neodymium magnets inside them reproduces powerful bass sound. They’re very lightweight, and there are earbuds that can protect our ears and make listening much more comfortable. Downside, however, is the absence of a microphone, which makes receiving calls quite difficult (but not much for me as I don’t get a lot of phone calls). ₱499 for these is already a steal as it’s only a few pesos up from $9.99 on the Sony website, plus there’s a one-year warranty for these. Compare these to Class A earphones where I would be only given around a month at most of warranty.

I remember black was the only available color back then, but it was not a problem at all so I purchased it after the salesperson’s sweet talking (she was nice and accommodating IIRC). After my transaction, I remember leaving the store with a smile as I finally got what I wished for: quality listening experience. I could finally listen to music so much clearly! My mother even put cord protector on them, which obviously protected them but made them a little bulky. It survived MRT afternoon rush hours, my bed (I sleep with my earphones on), and our PC (I used it as a replacement for headphones a couple of times). I also remember leaving them in the office that I thought I lost them during a really horrific commute.

More than a year (and another phone) has passed, and it seemed like my black earphones were going to last longer than I thought. But a couple of weeks ago, one side of the earphones malfunctioned, and my earphones eventually failed to work properly. I got sad, but I moved on and still felt happy that these lasted long. Thinking of buying quality earphones again, I decided to wait a little longer (er, my salary) and buy cheaper earphones as a back-up. I knew the risk I was about to take, but my love for music and watching YouTube videos prevailed so I bought earphones from a popular store for ₱180. I said to myself, let these last for 10 days and I won’t regret anything.

And they somehow lasted for 10 days, but a few days after purchase, wires began to pop out from one of the ear pieces. One side began to not function well, and the only side working was the one with the disconnected wires. It was far from what happened with the original earphones of my old phone (it was also Sony) where it still worked perfectly even with exposed wires.  As I got annoyed being extra careful of these, plus the quality was what to be expected, I decided just today to use the money I saved for quality earphones.


from Sony

I stumbled upon the same Sony earphone model again at one store in SM San Lazaro, but the blue variant and I think even the pink variant was available alongside the black one.  I had already set my eyes on buying another brand, but my satisfied heart still chose to buy the same model again, this time the blue one. Same quality, same price. I hope it will also last another year.

*turns brain into a bowl of nilagang baboy*

This is not a paid advertisement. Opinions and purchasing solely by me and my pocket.


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