I Decided To Write Again

And I’m back, WordPress!

It’s been a while since I last wrote something long on any blog site. I just realized I lacked the inspiration to write about something (that’s another story,  folks)  though it was just another episode of I-can’t-write-my-thoughts-so-they’ll-stay-as-thoughts.

Enough of the dilly-dally so I’ll tell why I decided to write again.

1. I really want to share more of my thoughts, interests,  and anything random in longform. Social networking sites (SNS) definitely is the way to go if I’m bent on reaching a wider audience, but I feel like I’m stuck in a small box if I do so. People usually skip long posts on Facebook (myself included),  and Twitter limits us to 140 characters. You can’t post pictures of your brain processes on Instagram as well (though some post pictures of their written thoughts). Even if SNSs can push me to be more creative by making my thoughts as brief as possible, blogging I think provides more freedom for me to really do what I want to do now, writing-wise.

2. As someone who works in an industry where the ability to communicate in English is of extremely high importance, writing in English is an exercise I need. I almost type the same thing over everyday,  so my vocab and grammar need more sharpening (pardon in advance for the grammar errors – feel free to comment on that) . But I can still choose to write in Filipino,  or my current mother tongue Taglish (it’s hard not to do it in a regular convo *hides*). That I can decide on later.

3. I just miss writing. I haven’t done such writing in a very long time that I feel giddy just writing this paragraph. Writing your thoughts is like baring your soul, opening your heart, making a silent friend listen to you. I hope I can do this more regularly.

As for my URL, it roughly means “so there can be a new beginning” in Estonian.  A lot of new beginnings happened in the past years,  and I bet more will come,  just like this new blog. Hopefully this will be a better effort, and the river of inspiration to flow rapidly.

*turns brain into a bowl of soup*


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